Replacing My Old Roof

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Replacing My Old Roof

When a leak appeared in my ceiling, I realized immediately that I might have an issue with my roofing. As soon as it stopped raining, I fetched a ladder and climbed on top of my roof to see what the problem was. I was devastated with what I found. My roof was missing shingles, and it looked like there was water pooling in certain areas. I knew that I couldn't repair the issue on my own, which is why I turned to a professional roofing contractor. They came out, inspected the damage, and recommended repairs. This blog is all about signs of roofing issues, so that you know when to replace your roof.

Protect Your Foundation: How To Inspect Your Basement Foundation

If you have a basement, you need to be aware of potential foundation problems Most people know to monitor their foundation for damage, but they don't know to include their basements. Unfortunately, that can lead to devastating consequences. It is important to identify foundation problems promptly. If you discover problems during your inspections, you'll need to schedule basement foundation repairs as quickly as possible. Here are four things to watch for during your inspections: Read More 

Time To Start Shopping For Roofers! What To Look For And Questions To Ask

Recently, you may have seen a lot of advertising for roofers. Whether it is a sign in a neighbor's yard, or an uptick in TV advertising, there seems to be a lot of marketing around the roofing industry. The reason for this is that it is now considered the "down" season for roofers, and they are all busily clamoring to get jobs for next year. If they line up enough work, they know that they will be financially set. Read More 

Tips for Inspecting and Repairing Your Roof’s Fascia Boards

The purpose of the fascia boards surrounding your home's roof is to cover the exposed ends of each roofing truss and rafter. The fascia boards protect them from being exposed to the elements and prematurely rotting. The fascia boards also serve the purposes of giving your home a more finished look and providing a convenient place from which to hang rain gutters. Since the fascia boards on your home serve each of these important purposes, it is vital you regularly inspect them and quickly repair any damage you discover. Read More 

Clearing Your Roof And Undoing The Damage Before Winter Hits

So, you're doing what you can to prepare the roof of your home for the long, harsh winter. Unfortunately, your efforts are hindered when you damage the shingles that you're attempting to save. What do you do now? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you get your roofing cleared of debris and repair the damage that you may have done in the prior attempts. Safety First! Always keep your safety in mind as you work to take care of your home. Read More 

Building A New Deck? Here’s How The Different Types Of Decking Materials Compare

When you add a deck to your home, the first decision you'll have to make is on what decking material to use. Because adding a deck is a major investment, you'll want to do thorough research on the types of materials available to you in order to make the best choice. While wood is the least expensive option, it carries high-maintenance requirements with it. Vinyl, aluminum, and composite are more expensive than wood, but all of these choices are easy to maintain. Read More