Replacing My Old Roof

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Replacing My Old Roof

When a leak appeared in my ceiling, I realized immediately that I might have an issue with my roofing. As soon as it stopped raining, I fetched a ladder and climbed on top of my roof to see what the problem was. I was devastated with what I found. My roof was missing shingles, and it looked like there was water pooling in certain areas. I knew that I couldn't repair the issue on my own, which is why I turned to a professional roofing contractor. They came out, inspected the damage, and recommended repairs. This blog is all about signs of roofing issues, so that you know when to replace your roof.

The 411 on Laminate Asphalt Shingles

From finishing the look and structure of the home to protecting your family and belongings from the outdoor elements, the roof is an imperative part of the house. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough time and energy into understanding how to maintain or replace your roof over time. There are many materials available that will make your roof appealing and durable, but many homeowners are seeing the enormous benefits of laminate asphalt shingles. Read More 

Flat Roof Care: 3 Maintenance Ideas

At any moment, multiple projects probably need to be done inside your house and on your property. It's easy for the roof to be the last thing on your mind. However, if any of the structures on your land have a flat roof, those structures might require a bit more of your attention. Roofing without any sloping can allow snow buildup and water pooling. Consider these ideas for maintenance on this kind of roofs. Read More 

Need New Siding? How To Find The Right Contractor

Getting new siding is a great way to transform your house from drab to fab. It's almost like giving your home an instant facelift; one day the house looks weathered and worn and soon after it almost looks like it was just built a few days ago. If you're looking to get new siding you need to find the right contractor for the job. Keep reading to learn a few tips that can help you select a contractor that will be perfect for the task. Read More 

Where To Look For Roof Damage

As a homeowner, you may have heard about the importance of doing your own roof inspection. Unfortunately, it can leave you wondering what you should even be looking for when doing the inspection on your own. Here are two key areas to check out on your roof to discover damage to your roof early on. Flashing Your roof will have metal pieces known as flashing. It is installed around things that come out of your roof, such as a ventilation pipe, chimney, or skylight. Read More 

EPDM Roof Repair Mistakes To Avoid

If you have an EPDM roof on your business, then it is wise to inspect the roof for signs of wear and tear. The roofing material can develop holes and damaged areas, and fixing the damage can definitely help to reduce leak concerns. If you intend on fixing the roof yourself, then there are a few mistakes you want to avoid. Using Asphalt-Based Products There are several types of commercial roofing products that use petroleum or asphalt. Read More