Replacing My Old Roof

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Replacing My Old Roof

When a leak appeared in my ceiling, I realized immediately that I might have an issue with my roofing. As soon as it stopped raining, I fetched a ladder and climbed on top of my roof to see what the problem was. I was devastated with what I found. My roof was missing shingles, and it looked like there was water pooling in certain areas. I knew that I couldn't repair the issue on my own, which is why I turned to a professional roofing contractor. They came out, inspected the damage, and recommended repairs. This blog is all about signs of roofing issues, so that you know when to replace your roof.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing The Color Of Your Roof’s Shingles

If it is time for a roof replacement, one of the decisions that you need to make is what color you prefer for your new shingles. When considering prospective hues, here are few details to keep in mind. 1. The Other Colors of Your Home The color of your roof's shingles should complement the other colors of your home's exterior features. For example, if you have a red brick home, you may prefer to stick with other warm tones, such as brown, tan, or cream. Read More 

Gutter Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Those aluminum gutters on your house do more than collect gunk that you hate cleaning out; they collect rainwater to be drained properly and prevent water damage to your house. Without gutters, water doesn't have anywhere to go, so it will collect right next to your foundation. With a heavy rainfall, all of that rainwater can eventually cause flooding in your home, leaving you with an expensive repair to deal with. Read More 

How To Prevent Rust From Damaging Your Metal Roof

It is no accident that some metal roofs last for a long time without rusting while others develop rust a few years after installation. There are practical measures you can take to prevent rust from damaging your roof. Here are some of those measures. Install the Right Roofing Metal The prevention starts right from the selection of the roofing material. This is because most metals are designed to withstand rust or corrosion damage by coating them with protective materials. Read More 

Hail To The Metal Roof! Why Hail Damage Is Not A Concern

For roofs shingled with traditional asphalt shingles, hail is almost always a concern. If you have wooden shaker shingles on your roof, hail can ding, split, and drive the shingles apart enough to create openings in the shingles and create potential water damage. Now, if you have metal roofing, that is quite another story. Here is why hail damage is not a concern for metal roofs. Most Metal Roofing Is Constructed with the Maximum Hail Resistance Read More 

The 411 on Laminate Asphalt Shingles

From finishing the look and structure of the home to protecting your family and belongings from the outdoor elements, the roof is an imperative part of the house. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough time and energy into understanding how to maintain or replace your roof over time. There are many materials available that will make your roof appealing and durable, but many homeowners are seeing the enormous benefits of laminate asphalt shingles. Read More